Safuu: The platform with the Highest Auto-Staking & Auto-Compounding Rewards

The DeFi platform is a platform that will allow its users to earn passive income easily and securely. The users will be able to earn passive income by staking their tokens on the provided staking platform. Usually, users will get rewards according to the APY promised by the staking platform. Due to the convenience it offers and the higher returns compared to other traditional investment instruments, many people are now turning to use the DeFi platform for passive income. Users only need to connect their digital wallet and they will be able to stake tokens on the provided platform, it’s just that easy. This way of staking is the choice for many crypto users, so it’s no wonder that the global DeFi sector is currently experiencing an increase because it offers more attractive returns more easily.

Highest Fixed APY in Crypto

Safuu is one of the many DeFi platforms in the crypto market that offers staking and auto-compounding services to users globally. Users will be able to stake their SAFUU tokens on the Safuu platform easily and securely and in return, they will be rewarded for their participation in the staking program. But what makes the Safuu platform interesting is that they claim that their platform offers high returns in the global crypto market. Safuu offers fixed APY even up to 382.945%. With this high return, users will of course benefit because they will get a high return even with a smaller capital.

And not only that, users will be able to safely and securely stake their tokens. Since the Safuu platform ensures that users will be secure in their stake tokens on the Safuu platform, this is possible thanks to the Safuu Insurance Fund which will ensure that investment activities run safely and securely.

Features provided by Safuu

Safuu has various features that users can use easily and quickly. For example, users will be able to stake their tokens easily and securely on the staking platform provided. Users only need to connect their digital wallet and they can immediately use this staking feature. Besides that, Safuu also has several features that users will like:

  • Auto-Compounding: users don’t need to bother to stake their tokens back manually, because the Safuu system will automatically stake users’ tokens or you could say auto-compound. This feature will make the user’s income more leveraged.
  • Safuu Insurance Fund: a system that will become a platform that will provide a sense of security to users. It will serve as an insurance fund to achieve price stability and long-term sustainability.
  • Safuu Treasury: a system that will provide support to the insurance fund in the event of an extreme price drop. And this will also be used to support investment and marketing platforms.
  • The Fire Pit: a system that will burn 2.5% of all traded SAFUU tokens automatically. And this will maintain the price stability of the SAFUU token in the future.

All these features are presented in a user-friendly and responsive interface that can be used by users easily and quickly. Developers from Safuu deliberately designed the appearance of the Safuu platform to be really easy so that it can be used by users of various levels, whether they are professionals or beginners, so that users will have no difficulty navigating on the Safuu platform and this will be an added value to the Safuu platform in the future.


Safuu launched a token of the type of utility token to become a token on the platform, it is called the SAFUU token. SAFUU is a token that will have a lot of functionality, especially on the Safuu platform. Later Users who hold Safuu tokens are entitled to be able to use these tokens for transactions or staking to get attractive rewards. Safuu plans to distribute SAFUU tokens through a token sale program which users can easily obtain from various supported exchanges.

In Summary

Safuu is a staking and auto-compounding platform which offers the highest fixed APY in crypto. Here users will be able to stake their SAFUU tokens easily and securely from their various devices. When users stake their tokens, they will get the right to be able to receive rewards according to the amount they stake. And not only that, the system will automatically stake back or auto-compound the users’ tokens, so this will give maximum results to users.

Safuu has the vision to become a platform that will provide high returns to stakeholders globally but with less risk. Thus, everyone globally has the opportunity to be able to maximize their income easily and with low risk.




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