Werenode: Bridging EV Users With an Open and Decentralized Ecosystem for Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Technological developments in recent decades have grown significantly. This development is driven by the increasing number of companies that innovate in various fields, for example, in transportation, we know the name of electric vehicles which allows drivers to be able to use vehicles that do not use fossil fuels, but batteries that are charged and can last for a long time. hundreds of miles on a single charge. The innovation of electric vehicles will help reduce the use of fossil energy and carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels. In the future, it is estimated that electric vehicle users will increase in line with the electric vehicle campaign and it will be cheaper and easier for people to buy electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are the future vehicles that are environmentally friendly and will make our air cleaner and healthier in the future.

Cryptocurrency and Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Werenode is a platform that aims to foster an open and decentralized ecosystem for the global electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Here users will be able to find a decentralized ecosystem that will connect every charging equipment and allow anybody to share its own and be compensated seamlessly. Later EV users will be able to find many charging ports that work with Werenode and users can directly use these charging ports using the Werenode application. Later, users who use the Werenode charging port will make payments according to their charging session using the native token from Werenode, namely the WRC token. So that with the existence of Werenode, we can build an electric vehicle charging ecosystem whose transactions are entirely based on P2P crypto which is more secure, fast, and efficient compared to fiat payments.

Features provided by Werenode

Werenode has various features that users can use easily and quickly from the provided applications. For example, users can find the nearest charging port from their location easily by using the Werenode application. And besides these features there are several other features that Werenode has:

  • Marketplace: users will be able to use the marketplace easily and securely to create a profitable offer around EV charging. With this small operators will be able to benefit from strategic charging ports.
  • Digital Ecosystem: users will be able to experience a digital ecosystem in which there is big data, artificial intelligence, and connections to other digital ecosystems.
  • Flexibility and Versatility: users will be able to take advantage of Werenode’s infrastructure for various use cases, such as monitoring decarbonization, etc.
  • Transparency and Traceability: users will make transactions using the blockchain system, so this will ensure transparency and traceability for all transactions in the Werenode ecosystem.

All these features are presented in a user-friendly and modern interface that users can easily use from the available applications. Developers from Werenode designed this platform to be easily accessible to users so that it will make it easier for EV users who want to find a charging port for their vehicle or charging port providers to be able to build multiple charging ports and profit from these charging ports.

XTZ Token

Werenode launched a token of the type of utility token to become a token on the platform. XTZ is a token that will have a lot of functionality, especially on the Werenode platform. Later Users who hold XTZ tokens are will have the right to be able to use their tokens to pay for charging sessions or to invest in strategic charging ports. Werenode plans to distribute XTZ tokens through a token sale program that users can easily purchase.

In Summary

Werenode is a platform that will build an open and decentralized ecosystem for charging port infrastructure. Werenode will make it easier for users to find charging ports in many locations easily by using the application provided by Werenode. And this will open up opportunities for charging port providers to be able to register their charging ports and profit from them. So with what Werenode has to offer, it will be the right digital platform for connecting global charging stations.

Werenode has the vision to become a digital ecosystem that will connect every charging equipment with EV users around the world easily, securely, and efficiently.




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